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Slotland Casino Releases Fluffy Paws Online Slot

Slotland Casino Releases Fluffy Paws Online Slot

Fluffy Paws, the latest and perhaps the most adorable online slot in the world right now is out. The real money slots nz features some specific pets that most players can actually associate with. There is Kitty, Puppy and Bunny. All these are pets that when a player decides to play with any one of them; they get a different bonus with respect to which one a player decided to go with. When starting out to play Fluffy Paws, you first need to determine your preferred pet. That way, you’ll be in the best position to determine your bonus. Nothing is hidden.

You only need to know in advance and see for yourself if you’ll be comfortable with your choice. From now until August 26, 2017, Fluffy Paws online slot developer is awarding all those that sign up and actually play this new online slot with tantalizing bonuses depending on their choice. Introductory bonuses go for as little as $10 and $20. But there are also bonuses after depositing at least $125.


Fluffy Paws slots has some 25 paylines that give gamers a chance to showcase their gaming prowess. The game is also based on 5 reels.It is important to point out that the game’s developer has given clients a chance to choose the kind of pet they’d want to play with. This will definitely bring joy to those who take part.

  • Michael Hilary, Slotland’s Manager, the makers of the slot said that players are at liberty to choose and switch pets anytime they feel comfortable. They are never penalized to do so. He however noted that for a little time he has not seen many players wanting to shift pets. This happens because most players would rather choose a pet and stick with it for as long as they want to play. It is like once a player chooses to play with a given pet, for instance Bunny, they develop a bond and so the gamer decides to stick to the pet forever. Read the article Cuddly Puppies, Bunnies, Kittens, Get All Available Bonuses On New Fluffy Paws Slot.Different Pets Different Bonuses

    As mentioned, the three pets have different bonus values. Still, all the bonuses come after a certain action has been accomplished. Bunny for instance, will give a player 10 free spins. But this has to happen if Bunny upon feeling hunger takes a carrot and eats it. Additionally, if bunny falls in love during the spinning, a player will receive an extra 5 spins.

  • As for Kitty, there are a total of about 8 bonuses. These too are open to the player once Kitty chases a fast-running mouse. It seems that puppy will give a player some amazing bonuses. But this has to take place carefully. To illustrate, one player called Diane said that Puppy is her favorite. The player claimed that she has decided to stick with puppy because, with a simple barking when at the reels, she receives 5 free spins. What is more is that when puppy is allowed to look for a borne that is hidden somewhere on the garden by a neighbor’s dog, Diana is guaranteed of some 200X bonuses if puppy is allowed to look for the borne until the end.