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Where Can I Find Casinos That Accept Ripple As A Payment System

Where Can I Find Casinos That Accept Ripple As A Payment System

Where Can I Find Casinos That Accept The Ripple Digital Currency? You can read Positive aspects associated with casino online. MBIT is not a casino that allows $XRP, but they do let Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of […]

Trump’s casino was a money laundering concern shortly after it opened

Trump’s casino was a money laundering concern shortly after it opened

The Trump Taj Mahal casino broke anti-money laundering rules 106 times in its first year and a half of operation in the early 1990s, according to the IRS in a 1998 settlement agreement. It’s a bit of forgotten history that’s buried in federal records held […]

Slotland Casino Releases Fluffy Paws Online Slot

Slotland Casino Releases Fluffy Paws Online Slot

Fluffy Paws, the latest and perhaps the most adorable online slot in the world right now is out. The real money slots nz features some specific pets that most players can actually associate with. There is Kitty, Puppy and Bunny. All these are pets that when a player decides to play with any one of them; they get a different bonus with respect to which one a player decided to go with. When starting out to play Fluffy Paws, you first need to determine your preferred pet. That way, you’ll be in the best position to determine your bonus. Nothing is hidden.

You only need to know in advance and see for yourself if you’ll be comfortable with your choice. From now until August 26, 2017, Fluffy Paws online slot developer is awarding all those that sign up and actually play this new online slot with tantalizing bonuses depending on their choice. Introductory bonuses go for as little as $10 and $20. But there are also bonuses after depositing at least $125.


Fluffy Paws slots has some 25 paylines that give gamers a chance to showcase their gaming prowess. The game is also based on 5 reels.It is important to point out that the game’s developer has given clients a chance to choose the kind of pet they’d want to play with. This will definitely bring joy to those who take part.

  • Michael Hilary, Slotland’s Manager, the makers of the slot said that players are at liberty to choose and switch pets anytime they feel comfortable. They are never penalized to do so. He however noted that for a little time he has not seen many players wanting to shift pets. This happens because most players would rather choose a pet and stick with it for as long as they want to play. It is like once a player chooses to play with a given pet, for instance Bunny, they develop a bond and so the gamer decides to stick to the pet forever. Read the article Cuddly Puppies, Bunnies, Kittens, Get All Available Bonuses On New Fluffy Paws Slot.Different Pets Different Bonuses

    As mentioned, the three pets have different bonus values. Still, all the bonuses come after a certain action has been accomplished. Bunny for instance, will give a player 10 free spins. But this has to happen if Bunny upon feeling hunger takes a carrot and eats it. Additionally, if bunny falls in love during the spinning, a player will receive an extra 5 spins.

  • As for Kitty, there are a total of about 8 bonuses. These too are open to the player once Kitty chases a fast-running mouse. It seems that puppy will give a player some amazing bonuses. But this has to take place carefully. To illustrate, one player called Diane said that Puppy is her favorite. The player claimed that she has decided to stick with puppy because, with a simple barking when at the reels, she receives 5 free spins. What is more is that when puppy is allowed to look for a borne that is hidden somewhere on the garden by a neighbor’s dog, Diana is guaranteed of some 200X bonuses if puppy is allowed to look for the borne until the end.
Resorts World NY Casino Catskills Opens On February 8, 2018

Resorts World NY Casino Catskills Opens On February 8, 2018

Resorts World Catskills in New York will open its doors to the public on February 8, 2018. Although the casino will entertain guests, the grand opening is more than a month ahead. According to, the facility will open ahead of schedule. Also, this will […]

Play The Best USA Mobile Slots At Online Casinos

Play The Best USA Mobile Slots At Online Casinos

Bet Online and 5Dimes US mobile casinos are perfect with the majority of the major Smartphones and tablets. They are additionally genuine cash Sportsbooks, Racebook and American Poker locales. You can wager on any donning occasion or the stallion race at this site. Individuals from […]

How a fish tank helped hack a casino

How a fish tank helped hack a casino


gold-fishHackers are constantly looking for new ways to access people’s data. Most recently, the way was as simple as a fish tank.

The hackers attempted to acquire data from a North American casino by using an Internet-connected fish tank, according to a report released Thursday by cybersecurity firm Darktrace.

The fish tank had sensors connected to a PC that regulated the temperature, food and cleanliness of the tank.

“Somebody got into the fish tank and used it to move around into other areas (of the network) and sent out data,” said Justin Fier, Darktrace’s director of cyber intelligence.

The casino’s name and the type of data stolen were not disclosed in the report for security reasons, Darktrace said. The report said 10 GB of data were sent out to a device in Finland.

“This one is the most entertaining and clever thinking by hackers I’ve seen,” said Hemu Nigam, a former federal prosecutor for computer crimes and current chief executive of SSP Blue, a cybersecurity company.

Here is what you need to know about the Internet of things: a term used to describe devices like a thermostat or baby monitor that connect to the Internet. (Sarah Parnass,Osman Malik/The Washington Post)

As more products with the ability to connect to the Internet become available, opportunities for hackers to access data through outside-the-box ways have risen. The report, which was first reported by CNN, comes a few days after the FBI warned parents about the privacy risks of toys connected to the Internet, which could help a hacker learn a child’s name, location and other personal information.

Fier said that with the recent FBI toy warning and the many ways by which hackers are trying to break into systems, he wouldn’t be surprised if the government eventually got involved in regulating Internet of Things, IoT, products. But he said, even if it did, that would raise other questions.

“Everything has to go through FTC approval, I’d be curious to see if that happens on the cyber front,” he said. “That you have to do the bare minimum to protect these products. But that’s just for the U.S. How do you do this globally?”

As for what people can do to protect themselves against these kinds of attacks, customers should educate themselves about IoT products and take advantage of any security protection the product offers, Nigam said. He added that people should use the latest operating systems and software and constantly update them.

The fish tank incident was one of nine unique threats mentioned in Darktrace’s annual report of innovative hacks. Some of the other threats mentioned included hackers using company servers to acquire bitcoin, a digital form of currency, and former employees using their old login credentials to steal company data.

Dozens found dead in Resorts World casino attack, Philippine officials say

Dozens found dead in Resorts World casino attack, Philippine officials say

MANILA, Philippines – A gunman stormed a casino in the Philippine capital and torched gambling tables in the crowded space, creating a choking level of smoke that killed at least 36 people, authorities said. The gunman stuffed a backpack with casino chips before he fled […]

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MANILA, Philippines – A gunman stormed a casino in the Philippine capital and torched gambling tables in the crowded space, creating a choking level of smoke that killed at least 36 people, authorities said. The gunman stuffed a backpack with casino chips before he fled but was found dead in an adjacent hotel early Friday of an apparent suicide, bringing the total death toll to 37.

The Bureau of Fire Protection Services said it appeared many died of suffocation. Earlier reports indicated several dozen more were injured in the chaos and panic that followed after the gunman torched the gambling tables and stuffed a backpack with casino chips and tried to flee.

A guard was shot during the melee but survived.

The Philippine national police chief Gen. Ronald dela Rosa says there is no concrete evidence the attack is terrorism and that robbery may have been a motive. Authorities have reviewed CCTV footage from the scene and the lone gunman “was not hurting anyone.”

Metropolitan Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde said the English-speaking suspect was found dead with his rifle on the fifth floor of the Resorts World Manila complex. Dela Rosa described him as “white, with a mustache” and about 6 feet tall.

Police are searching the suspect, parked on the second floor. Before the attack, he got out of the car and entered the building with his rifle.

Dela Rosa said security footage showed the gunman ignoring a security guard who tried to question him at the entrance to the complex. He did not hurt the guard but went straight to the gambling area, dela Rosa said.

He said it seemed like the gunman was focused on the gambling table and stealing chips. The suspect shot an LED monitor and set ablaze gambling tables by pouring gasoline on them.


The suspect took 113 million pesos ($226,000) worth of gambling chips, which were in a bag he was carrying and later found in a toilet.

The national police chief said the gunman apparently barged into a room at the 5th floor of the Maxims hotel connected to the mall and casino, laid on the bed, blanketed himself, doused himself with gasoline then set himself on fire.

Earlier on Thursday, Resorts World Manila tweeted that it u0027s “currently on lockdown following reports of gunfire from unidentified men.”

Later, company Chief Operating Officer Stephen Reilly told reporters that security operations were ongoing. Reilly said all guests had left the complex and were believed to be safe.

Resorts World Manila released an official statement to CBS News describing it was a sad day.

“The company has extended medical assistance to the 54 individuals who were taken to nearby hospitals,” it read. “It is with deep regret that we have been informed of several casualties, the number and identities of whom have yet to be determined.”

“This cowardly act of a deranged mind will not defeat the spirit on which Resorts World Manila was built, ” it added. “With your prayers, we will overcome this tragedy.

Dela Rosa said the gunman would have shot all the people gambling if terror had been the motive.

Abayalde says either the suspect lost in the casino and wanted to get his money back, or went “totally nuts.”

The security guard was shot in the waist by the gunman and about 75 others suffered mostly minor injuries such as bruising as they stampeded to get out, said police officer Jeffrey Francisco.

Police said there was no indication any hostages had been taken by the lone gunman.

Philippine police rushed to the complex and were reportedly fired upon at the commercial center, where whitish smoke began billowing from an upper floor.

“I heard many, many gunshots,” Julio Silva, a witness who managed to dash out of the mall complex, told DZMM radio network.

Ronald Romualdo, a maintenance worker at Resorts World, said he and his colleagues heard gunshots and saw people smashing the windows on the second floor and third floor to escape.

“We took out a ladder to save them. We were able to save many of them,” he said. “But one woman I was trying to save fell from the second floor. … I could not carry her.” He said the woman was not moving afterward, but he didn\u0027t know what happened to her.

The company said it was working with the national police to ensure the safety of its guests.

“We ask for your prayers during these difficult times,” the company said.

In Washington before announcing that the U.S. was pulling out from the Paris climate agreement, President Trump called the incident a “terrorist attack” and said he was closely monitoring the situation.

“It is really very sad as to what going on throughout the world with terror, ” Mr. Trump said during the nationally televised announcement from the White House Rose Garden.

The U.S. State Department urged people to avoid the area

A Filipino operative for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), in a quick communique, immediately took responsibility for the attack.

The SITE Intelligence Group, a U.S. terrorism monitor, said a Filipino operative linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria who provides daily updates on an ongoing Muslim militant siege in the country south claimed that “lone wolf soldiers” of ISIS are responsible for the attack.

An English message by the operative was distributed across several pro-ISIS Telegram chat groups, SITE said. According to SITE, he wrote: “The lone wolf soldiers of Khilafah attack the heart of Kufar the city of Manila in Resort World.”

Friday  incident happened while Philippine troops are struggling to end the bloody siege by hundreds of extremists aligned with ISIS in the southern city of Marawi.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told a news conference earlier in Manila that about 500 militants, including foreign fighters, joined the siege of Marawi, a mosque-studded city that is the heartland of the Islamic faith in the southern Philippines.

About 50 to 100 militants were putting up the strongest stand in buildings across a bridge from Marawi\u0027s city hall, where hundreds of reinforcement troops were deployed. Snipers and buildings that obstructed cannon fire were making it difficult for troops to end the siege, said Lorenzana, who had wanted to end the crisis by Friday.

A total of 120 militants have been killed in the fighting since May 23, when a failed government raid to capture one of Asia\u0027s most-wanted militants, Isnilon Hapilon, triggered the siege of the city by the rebels. Twenty-five of the dead militants have been identified as Filipinos, according to military officials. Eight others were foreign fighters, including a Chechen, a Yemeni and several Malaysians and Indonesians, Lorenzana said.

President Rodrigo Duterte said he ordered troops to “wipe them out, everyone.”

“If you shoot him in the head, shoot him again in the heart to be sure,” the tough-talking Duterte said in a speech.

At least 25 soldiers, five policemen and more than 24 civilians have been killed in the clashes, Lorenzana said.