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Maine Casino Backers Move To Court Over A Heavy Fine Worth $500, 000

Maine Casino Backers Move To Court Over A Heavy Fine Worth $500, 000


Maine Casino Backers Move To Court Over A Heavy Fine Worth $500, 000. Backers of the Maine casino proposal that doesn’t go through our back to court. They are not in court for doing another wrong. This time, the backers want a redress. They are in court against the Commission on Government Ethics. What exactly do these backers wish to? In court, they are filing against a hefty fine. They feel that the November ruling is too harsh for them. Shawn and Lisa Scott want to build a casino in Maine. But this is not something easy. It doesn’t go well for them. After a court hearing, the two are on the wrong.

Why Were The Maine Casino Backers Fined?

The state governor accuses the two of high-jacking democracy. After a successful court hearing, the two are culpable. First, it is Lisa Scott. She is a sister to Shawn Scott. The latter is a controversial Maine entrepreneur. The court finds Lisa with a mistake of concealing some information. Specifically, she is unable to produce proper documents on who finances campaigns. Because of this, the court hits Lisa with a $500, 000 fine.

Violating The Law On Ethics?

Because of the money, the campaign is successful. After a rigorous exercise, the two manage to gather signatures. Lisa collects enough signatures. The number of signatures can push the question to the ballot. But this is what the Commission on Government Ethics questions. Lisa is concealing information. She is aiding his brother in violating the law on ethics.

Lisa says she is the sole funder. Later, it emerges that she is not the only funder of the $4.3 million signature campaign. In fact, there are chances that she doesn’t pay any money at all. The campaign has a long list of funders. It emerges that the long list links to his brother Shawn.

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Wordings Favor Shawn?

In an early occasion, Shawn is the winner of the campaign. But this does not happen. The wording of the referendum question favors him. But this does not occur. The people do not want anything to do with Shawn. Voters reject his quest to build a casino back in November. In November, the wording of the referendum question is wrong. It asks whether a casino license will go to an entity. The item explains the kind of entity that will be the winner of the bid.

The question says the entity owned at least 51 percent of some business in 2003. The kind of business here is a commercial track. Besides, there is harness racing and pari-mutuel wagering. There are other few demands.

What Will The Future Hold For Casinos In Maine

The only person or entity that meets all the qualifications is Shawn Scott. Unfortunately, he was not able to convince voters. They do not want anything like this in their community. In the end, voters reject the referendum. This week, Shawn’s sister is in court. Through her lawyer, Bruce Merrill, Lisa says the fine is too hefty. She also argues that the commission makes a mistake. The board inaccurately determines the names and figures. As she battles in court, the building of a Maine Casino is at a stalemate.